Welcome to Swachh Bharat

Swachh Bharat is a Waste Recycling Management Website proudly serving Economical and Business class in Jharkhand and Bihar with their Household, Commercial and Industrials waste (Plastics, Cartons and E-Waste). We through our services focus on making our environment Clean and Green. Our main agenda of the Swachh Bharat Mission is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We’ve chosen to make a difference by helping to get plastics out of our river bodies, out of landfills, out of cow stomach and turn them into useful recycled products made from recycled materials. Our service is absolutely free of cost. 


How Our Service Will Operate:

Store your discarded / waste (Plastic, Cartons, or E-Waste) in a bin at your place. Send us a message for waste pickup through our Mobile App or by visiting our website (swachhbharat.co.in). Plastic, Carton, and E-Waste items we accept are mentioned below-




Plastic discarded / Waste

Plastics like Carry Bags, Plastic Drinking Bottles, Plastic Bottle Caps, Food Wrappers, Chocolate wrappers, Water Bucket, Straws, Plastic Tubs, Plastic Food Containers, Flower Pot, Plastic Mugs, Plastic Water Jug, Plastic Water Dispenser, Shampoo, Bottles, Milk Pouch, Cosmetics Products, Healthcare Products, Face Cream, Disposable Utensils, Beverages Containers, Wet Wipes, Grocery Containers, Plastic Juice Bottles, Dishwashing & Laundry Detergent Packets, Cleaning Products, Squeeze Bottles, CD Cover, Toothbrush, Toothbrush Cover, Dye Brush, Soap Container, Toothbrush Container, Toys, Plastic Tables, Plastic Tea Strainer, Plastic Painting Color Box, Plastic Pencil Box, Plastic Book Cover and any Plastic item which is not mentioned in the above list.

Carton discarded / Waste

E-Commerce Packing Carton Box, Newspaper, Electronic Item Packing, Pizza Box, Milk & Juice Packets, Food Carton, Calendar, Notepad Box, Incense Stick Box, Egg Tray, Clothes Box, Healthcare Product Box and any Carton item which is not mentioned in the above list.





Discarded Electronics or electrical or home appliance (E-Waste)

Discarded computers, Laptop, Fridge, Toasters, Mobile Phones, Batteries, Irons, Watches, TV, Hair Dryers, CD player, Game System, Air Conditioner and all the Electronic discarded / Waste which is not mentioned in the above list



How It Is Beneficial For You:

We have structured reward points for our service. You can earn points by converting your waste into an attractive reward point and reward points by converting vouchers to purchase anything from our marketplace or from our associate merchants and sellers

How to convert, the point to voucher: if you have 50 points and above, simply apply for the voucher After that, you will view the voucher code in your dashboard.

How to use your voucher: - you will visit our marketplace and choose products as per your choice, checkout and apply your voucher code amount shall be deducted from your bill amount.

An example: - if you have 80 points in a month (30 points + 50 points incentive) you can use 50 points only. Rest 30 points on next time.

If you have 151 points in a month (51 points + 100 points incentive) you can use 150 points only. Rest 1 point on next time you can use a minimum of 50 points in one lot. And so on

How to use your rewards points?

First your login our marketplace

Select our seller or merchants  

Choose as per your required products  

Check the price, if it's a low price add it to the cart, if it's a high price  left it

You can use 50 points in one lot  

Minimum purchase of Rs.500 for 50 points can use.

Similarly, purchase of Rs.1000 for 100 points can use.

For every 50 points use, you have to purchase Rs.500/-

You pay seller or merchants Rs.500 -50 (points value) = Rs.450/-


How much you will get your discarded / waste / scrap   

Plastic – Rs.35 to 45 Per Kg as per reward points

Cartons – Rs. 30 to 35 Per Kg as per rewards points

E - waste – Rs. 50 to 75 Per Kg as per rewards points



Registration and Login Process

  • Download our app or visit our website.

  • Register with your First Name, Last Name, Set your Password, Address, Phone No, Email Address, Pin Code, City, Area and Referral Code.

  • Once you successfully register yourself, Login with your Email address and password.

Pickup Process

For discarded / waste Pickup, you need to fill the Pickup Request Form.

  • Enter your Full Name and Phone Number
  • Choose the category – Household, Commercial or Industrial
  • Select Product – Cartons & Papers, Plastic or E-Waste.
  • Select the Date and Time for the waste pickup.
  • Leave a message in the message section.

Once we receive your Pickup Request, we shall send our collector to visit your location for the discarded / waste collection

  • They will reach your location for the collection as per the date and time requested by you.
  • They will verify the request, by asking you for the Request Code number because the Request Code no. will be generated automated at the time of placing the pickup request. Once he gets Request Code no., They will weigh the discarded / waste and collect them from you.
  • The weight of the discarded / waste will be converted into points, and later you will generate a voucher.
  • You can use that voucher in your purchase from our marketplace.
  • You can see your ‘My profile’, Pickup Request Details, Your Points, and Your Purchases in ‘Dashboard’ in your Swachh Bharat Account.