Organic Living

Organic Living

'जैविक खेती अपनाएं, जीवन को स्वस्थ बनाएं'

आजकल हमारा पर्यावरण भी काफी दूषित होता जा रहा है और खेती के लिए जैविक तरीको के प्रयोग से हमारे पर्यावरण को भी काफी लाभ होते है।

पशुओ का गोबर और घर के जैविक कचरे का प्रयोग खाद बनाने मे करने से प्रदूषण मे कमि आति है और इसके कारण होने वाले मच्छर और अन्य गंदगी कम होती है, जिससे बीमारियो की रोकथाम होती है।

Organic living promotes the health of an individual as well as the environment. Living an organic lifestyle is living a balanced lifestyle. It begins with eating organic foods like vegetables and fruits. It includes organic cleaning too. Chemicals used for cleaning or harvesting are harmful to the human body and to the animals that eat the crops.

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We collect Organic wastes from your door step on getting information through our SBM App and we try to remove wastes from landfill. We are trying to remove all environmental hazards created from our negligent waste disposal system.

We use all the organic Wastes to make compost for fertilization to recreate a direction towards organic life. Organic living is the ultimate Living destination without pesticides and chemicals. Live fresh live fantastic and live organic live gigantic.

We use the organic compost for organic farming to serve you with best and healthy fruit, vegetables and grains. Chemical compost possesses harmful chemicals that harms our body. We think about your health as well as the health of nature.