We recycle and we revive the ecosystem.

We recycle and we revive the ecosystem.

We recycle to re-surge the Ecosystem.  

Our Ecosystem with Biotic and Abiotic factors is getting destroyed day by day due to improper waste disposal.

We are working with the motto­ - Recycle Waste and Revive Eco-system.

We both can rejuvenate our Ecosystem through this process. 


We collect Plastic Waste, Cartons, Papers and all types of Electronic Waste including broken computer monitors to inactive toasters. We accept chocolate wrappers to plastic wipers and process them and use as raw material for producing another product. Recycling processes help to preserve the natural resources and lessen the increase of new virgin plastic and resurge the ecosystem. Recycling is the best way to revive the ecosystem by lowering the increase of virgin products that create an additional garbage burden on the earth.




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We collect and recover the waste materials for recycling and use these as raw-materials instead of using virgin resources to make new things. We are working with the motto to preserve the natural resources and save our ecosystem.

We collect wastes from your door steps and give you points on the weight of your wastes. We accept all wastes in proper condition from small wrapper to inactive toaster.

We make new products for you through this recycling process. Waste is nothing but a misplaced resource and we are working with this concept. We reuse, reduce, recycle and revive. We are taking our steps to resurrect our ecosystem.