Who Are We Working For?

Who Are We Working For?

We Recycle to Revive the Eco-system.

“मूक प्राणी के लिए जीवन उतना ही प्रिय है जितना इन्सान के लिए है जैसे ही कोई इन्सान खुशी और दर्द चाहता है वैसे ही अन्य जीव भी चाहते हैं।”

Animals are dying by eating plastics and other hazardous wastes.

We are here to solve the problem.

Sell your waste to us and save animals.


"We collect, recover and reprocess the material from waste to use it in new products."


  • Bovine Animals
  • Wild Animals
  • Water Animals

In every year many birds, animals and bovine animals die due to eating plastic as we throw foods negligently by wrapping in plastic. Sell your plastics to save animals like birds, stray dogs, cats or the bovine animals like cows, goats.

While visiting places like forest or jungle keep your plastic or other wastes and sell these to us. The incidents of wild animals’ eating plastics are very threatening. We are buying wastes to save animals and revive ecology.

Water animals are facing danger due to plastic wastes. Turtles, seagulls and other water animals are getting stuck with plastic in the ocean and sea. Don’t throw plastics on water bodies; sell wastes to us and save water animals.