“Jal hi Jivan hai” (Water is Life).

“Jal hi Jivan hai” (Water is Life).

जल है तो जीवन है, जीवन है तो पर्यावरण है, पर्यावरण से ये धरती है, और इस धरती से हम सब है!
Jal Hai To Jivan Hai, Jivan Hai To Paryavaran Hai, Paryavaran Se Ye Dharati Hai, Aur Is Dharati Se Ham Sab Hai.

But at present time, the natural sources of water are getting destroyed due to negligent waste disposal. The rivers are losing their streams, lakes and ponds are getting dried and dirty as a result we are not getting sufficient water to drink to live a normal life. Rivers are carrying waste materials thrown on them by us. Fishes and other water animals are dying due to such disposal. The water ecosystem is destroying day by day. 

We are here to solve the problem. Keep your plastic wastes, glasses or cartons and inform us, we will buy the wastes from you and will recycle them.

Our mission is to clean our nation.

  • Plastics
  • E-Wastes
  • Cartons

Stop throwing plastics on rivers or ponds or other water bodies as these are the main obstacle of waterflow. Sell the plastics to us. We buy all types of plastics from big to small, thick or thin.

Don’t throw e-wastes on water bodies. These are hazardous for water animals and also create obstacles in water flow. We buy all types of e-wastes from obsolete computer monitor to broken iron.

We buy papers and cartons. Stop throwing, start selling and save water bodies and let it flow. As the papers and cartons also take time to get melted in water it harms the water flow specially during monsoon these wastes cause flood.